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IPSOnomics 9 February 2015: Thomas Piketty discussing with ECB staff (Foto: A. Petty)



IPSO offers its members and interested colleagues a series of lunchtime seminars.
These aim at sharing alternative thoughts and provide inspiration in our work at the ECB on topical issues.

Speakers have been:

Jendris Alwast on the Legitimation of Europe,
Philipp Degens on Alternative Monetary Concepts,
Christoph Deutschmann on Capitalism as a rentier society – consequences of Piketty's analysis,
Guillaume Duval on "The German Model of Staff Participation: Is it a key factor of success for the German economy?",
Heiner Flassbeck on economic alternatives to address the crisis,
Joseph Huber on the present money system and concepts of sovereign money",
Paul Jorion on 10 measures to change the world,
Michael Kumhof on the Chicago plan revisited,
Daniel O'Neill on sustainable economics "enough is enough",
Tomas Piketty on capital in the 21st century,
Tomàš Sedlácek on the economics of good and evil,
Henri Sterdyniak on "Changing Europe",
Pavlina Tcherneva on "Money, Sovereignty, and Monetary regimes and also on The Job Guarantee: Toward Fiscal, Monetary and Social Policy Integration in the Eurozone",
Antoine Vauchez on the question "is independence compatible with democracy?",
Bastian Obermayer on the large-scale tax evasion discovered and publicised in the "Panama Papers",
Antoine Deltour on the so-called "Luxleaks",
Sven Giegold on "European Institutions and democratic governance"

 Jendris Alwast - The Legitimation of Europe
 Joseph Huber - The present money system and concepts of sovereign money
 Tcherneva - Money, Sovereignty, and Monetary Regimes
 Tcherneva Job Guarantee - Toward Fiscal, Monetary and Social Policy Integration in the Eurozone