First Analysis of the ECB Judgement of the German Constitutional Court by Prof. Martin Will

22. May 2020 Press Info 0

Prof. Dr. Dr. Martin Will from EBS University, Wiesbaden, was the speaker in the IPSOpinion Webinar on 19 May 2020. Only one week after the German Constitutional Court declared the PSPP illegal, IPSO hosted its first ever Webinar to give a first analysis of the judgement, which hit the ECB and the ESCB, but also European and German politics like a bomb.

Prof. Martin Will holds the Chair of Constitutional, Administrative and European Law, New Technologies Law and the History of Law at the EBS Law Faculty. He holds a PhD in law and a PhD in history, has published various books on International, European and Constitutional law. He also was a member of the 2nd Hesse Constitutional Convent, becoming there the “father” of the new and unique IT-Fundamental Right in Art. 12a of the Hesse Constitution.

Prof. Martin Will explained the background of the case: Did the judgement come as a surprise, how did the Bundesverfassungsgericht justify going against the European Court of Justice, how can it be that German Constitutional law seems to override EU Law and who is actually bound by the ruling? What exactly did the German Court declare unconstitutional, and what is and which role plays this “proportionality principle” the Court based its judgement on?

As the majority of ECB staff is now teleworking due to the pandemic IPSO hosted the usually personal IPSOpinion event as a webinar for the first time.