Prof. Jörg Bibow speaking at Ipsonomics Seminar

Prof. Jörg Bibow speaking at Ipsonomics Seminar

10. June 2019 IPSO Seminar Press Info 0

Prof. Jörg Bibow, Professor of Economics at Skidmore College, was the speaker at the Ipsonomics seminar on 14 May 2019, talking about “How to redesign the fiscal regime of the Eurozone – lessons from US and Eurozone experiences”.

Main topics of his presentation were:

  • Optimum currency area theory and EU labour market policies
  • Competitive internal devaluation versus balanced intra-area competitiveness
  • Intra-area divergences, imbalances and German wage repression policy
  • EU fiscal policy in view of asymmetric shocks & common shocks
  • Vulnerability of the euro monetary union/dealing with systemic financial crises

His main research areas are international finance and European integration. A research focus is central banking and the effects of monetary policy on economic performance, especially the monetary policies of the Bundesbank and the European Central Bank.
Bibow has lectured at the University of Cambridge, University of Hamburg, and Franklin University Switzerland on central banking and European integration, and was a visiting scholar at the Levy Institute.

With Ipsonomics IPSO offers its members and interested colleagues a series of lunchtime seminars. 
These aim at sharing alternative thoughts and provide inspiration in our work at the ECB on topical issues.