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Prof. Jörg Bibow speaking at Ipsonomics Seminar

Prof. Jörg Bibow, Professor of Economics at Skidmore College, was the speaker at the Ipsonomics seminar on 14 May 2019, talking about “How to redesign the fiscal regime of the Eurozone – lessons from US and Eurozone experiences”. Main topics of his presentation were: Optimum currency area theory and EU labour market policies Competitive internal…
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10. June 2019 0

IPSO comments on ECB’s 2017 Annual Report

IPSO’s comments on the ECB’s Annual Report 2017 focus on the following areas: ECB trade union regrets lack of diversity in ECB decision-making bodies IPSO calls for an overhaul of the nomination process to Executive Board jobs Social dialogue at the ECB and social dimension in ECB decisions too weak Outsourcing of a large part…
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11. April 2018 0

Solidarity action for hiring of IT colleagues by the ECB

On 7 June 2017, IPSO, the International and European Public Services Organisation, together with DGB, the German trade union federation, and EU trade union federations USF and EPSU called for a solidarity action for ECB’s IT staff and temporary agency staff. The objective of the action is to stop the outsourcing of IT services at…
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7. June 2017 0

IPSO President calls for delivery of EU values

IPSO participated in the seminar of the CGIL and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung on 3 Aril 2017. Find here the speech of Johannes Priesemann, speaking for IPSO on the topic “Seeking Europe? After the crisis? Seeking orientation in our constitution for our policies and actions”. He calls for orientation of policies and actions on the values…
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3. April 2017 0

IPSO ask Merkel and Maas for EPO intervention

IPSO has written to German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel and Minister Heiko Maas to exert their influence in the governance bodies of the European Patent Office with a view to end the unacceptable treatment of staff representatives at the EPO. IPSO cannot accept the firing of elected staff representatives. Please find here below the original…
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27. February 2017 0

IPSO support for EPO colleagues

IPSO expresses support for colleagues at the European Patent Office Office, with Heardquarter in Munich Like many international organisations, the European Patent Office (EPO) has been given full autonomy to determine the legislative framework applicable to its staff. This creates a situation of high concentration of power, leading to risks of abuses.Since the arrival of…
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11. December 2016 0

ECA report on SSM supports IPSO claim

European Court of Auditors’ special report on the SSM validates IPSO’s claim of ECB understaffing of 27 March 2015 The European Court of Auditors (ECA) issued a special report on the new EU banking supervisory system. In its press release the ECA states: “This was the ECA’s first audit of the ECB’s operational efficiency with…
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18. November 2016 0

ECON hearing on ECB governance and staffing issues

Upon IPSO´s initiative, the ECON Committee of the European Parliament organized a hearing on HR matters at the European Central Bank (ECB) which took place on 26 October 2016. See here the video of the hearing on the European Parliament’s website. The hearing was split in two separate sessions, one with ECB management, represented by…
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26. October 2016 0

Open Letter to NCBs on staffing situation at the ECB

IPSO releases an Open Letter to the NCBs on the staffing situation at the ECB IPSO, the sole trade union recognised at the ECB, has sent an open letter to the National Central Bank governors of the Eurosystem requesting a rectification of the staffing situation at the ECB. 1,000 permanent full time positions should be…
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27. March 2015 0