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ECB ignores EU law on physical  security issues

A report on on 25 November 2023 disclosed that there had been major problems with the electricity installation in the Main Building, which also impacted the life security systems.  The report was based on a TÜV report of 2018 and an ECB project report of 2022. The project was started in 2018 to remedy…
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14. December 2023 0

Blowing the whistle against ECB´s wage moderation stance

We reproduce below a message that was circulated by IPSO to all ECB staff on 7 of March 2023 ECB´s wage moderation stance is causing serious prejudice to European workers without being economically founded. The latest analysis provided by Reuters is one among many other pieces of evidence indicating a change of approach is needed.…
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12. March 2023 0

Solidarity action for long-serving ECB agency staff

Breaking News, Burning issues ECB staff calls for sound staffing and equal pay at the ECB Today, 14 July 2016, upon a call of IPSO, the International and European Public Services Organisation, c. 120 staff of and persons working for the European Central Bank (ECB) gathered for a solidarity action for equal pay and sound…
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