Black lives matter / All lives matter

Black lives matter / All lives matter

9. July 2020 Press Info 0

Anti-racism and antidiscrimination are part of IPSO DNA

In the light of the recent events in the US and in Europe, IPSO feels the need to reinstate the importance of standing up against racism and discrimination in all its formats. These phenomena are not a US thing: racism and discrimination are on the rise in Europe. Our colleagues have experienced more than enough dreadful episodes in the surroundings of Frankfurt.

It is necessary to recall that the fight against racism and discrimination is not a choice: it is a fundamental building block of the EU enshrined in its fundamental texts such as the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

It is important to foster a dialogue within the ECB on how unconscious bias may play a role in our behaviour and how to create awareness. IPSO will raise the issue with the aim of promoting dialogue and concrete action. Indeed, to some this topic may feel uncomfortable, but “it is time to start becoming comfortable addressing the uncomfortable”.

IPSO wholeheartedly supports the Joint Statement of the ECB’s Diversity and Inclusion Forum and would like to call on the ECB to issue a strong press statement of the ECB against racism and discrimination