New Anonymous Forum for ECB Staff launched

New Anonymous Forum for ECB Staff launched

17. March 2021 Press Info 0

IPSO announced the launch of the New Anonymous Forum for ECB Staff on 17 March 2021.

Having the opportunity to express yourself freely on how you feel about the ECB is important, especially in times of the pandemic for ECB Staff. This is why IPSO established an independent platform which is restricted to those who work at or for the ECB. We want to provide a platform which supports high quality, open and sincere exchanges and contributes to a culture of debate and mutual trust.


  • Anonymous: IPSO does not identify you individually.
  • ECB-internal: you can only access it from an ECB device.
  • Open to everyone in the ECB: accessible by all ECB personnel, not limited to IPSO members. 
  • Easy access: no registration or log-in required.
  • Compliance: IPSO ensures compliance with the laws and guidelines; No censorship: create your own threads or comment on existing ones.

Forum for ECB Staff