Getting more active for nature and the planet

Getting more active for nature and the planet

20. July 2019 Press Info 0

IPSO calls for participation in the Global Climate Strike on 20 September and stronger efforts by the ECB and its staff on Sustainability and fighting climate change.

We have received the below message from one of our IPSO members. We fully support the proposals and encourage everyone to

  • Think of the resources we all have that we can use and convert for the sake of our planet
  • Join the ECB Ecology Section: Inauguration meeting: 19 September, 18:00 – 19:00, MB Cinema room.  
  • Participate in the Global Climate Strike on 20 September during lunchbreak: 12:00 at Alte Oper.

In this context, we very much welcome Ms Lagarde’s statements at the European Parliament: Climate change and environmental risks are mission-critical. We share her view that any institution has to actually have climate change risk and protection of the environment at the core of their understanding of their mission.

We think that the time is ripe to add a seventh ECB value for Sustainability/Earth Stewardship to our values. We also believe that thorough and open-minded research is needed within the ECB, on the relationship between economic growth and energy consumption/greenhouse gas emissions, with a critical eye on the ECB’s mandate as laid down in the Treaty to foster sustainable growth. The ECB should in its advisory role on financial and economic issues especially review whether policies as required by the Declaration on Article 126 TFEU are compatible with ecological sustainability. We are not sure whether this is always the case.

Read the message: