2 April 2009: 2nd Blue Ribbon Protest

More than 500 ECB staff members gathered under the Euro symbol in Frankfurt on 2 April 2009 to protest about the democratic deficit and lack of negotiation with the recognised social partners.

3 June 2009: Strike covered by BBC News

Staff at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt have gone on strike over pension reform and conditions.
See the video at BBC News online

4 March 2009: 1st Blue Ribbon Protest

IPSO organised the first ever demonstration of ECB staff on 4 March 2009.

1 October 2008: The Process

A short feature explaining the proposed changes to the ECB’s Disciplinary and Appeal Procedures. The (then draft, now adopted) rules refer to vague internal standards; the conditions or situations giving rise to disciplinary proceedings are not defined. As a consequence, staff may inadvertently find themselves triggering disciplinary procedures without ever having the possibility to know in advance the rules they have been accused of breaking.