Why the ECB can save the Eurozone – IPSOpinion with Martin Wolf

23. June 2020 Press Info 0

In this Webinar on 10 June 2020 Martin Wolf shared his analysis on the coronavirus crisis, telling why the Eurozone has to do whatever it takes to help every Eurozone member manage this crisis.

Martin Wolf is currently associate editor and chief economics commentator at the Financial Times since 1996. He is widely described as a powerful and authoritative British writer in economics, being an active participant in a wide range of international forums (annual meetings of the WEF in Davos), he seeks to change public opinion on globalization and the regulation of markets. Well-connected with financial circles, he covers major topics and offers a unique perspective on Europe, the US and the rest of the world.

IPSOpinion is a discussion format designed to bringing together members of IPSO and employees of the ECB with high-profiled politicians, researchers and activists. Due to the pandemic it is hosted as a webinar.