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Why the ECB can save the Eurozone – IPSOpinion with Martin Wolf

In this Webinar on 10 June 2020 Martin Wolf shared his analysis on the coronavirus crisis, telling why the Eurozone has to do whatever it takes to help every Eurozone member manage this crisis. Martin Wolf is currently associate editor and chief economics commentator at the Financial Times since 1996. He is widely described as a powerful and…
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Prof. Jörg Bibow speaking at Ipsonomics Seminar

Prof. Jörg Bibow, Professor of Economics at Skidmore College, was the speaker at the Ipsonomics seminar on 14 May 2019, talking about “How to redesign the fiscal regime of the Eurozone – lessons from US and Eurozone experiences”. Main topics of his presentation were: Optimum currency area theory and EU labour market policies Competitive internal…
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Open Letter to NCBs on staffing situation at the ECB

IPSO releases an Open Letter to the NCBs on the staffing situation at the ECB IPSO, the sole trade union recognised at the ECB, has sent an open letter to the National Central Bank governors of the Eurosystem requesting a rectification of the staffing situation at the ECB. 1,000 permanent full time positions should be…
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