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ECB ignores EU law on physical  security issues

A report on tagesschau.de on 25 November 2023 disclosed that there had been major problems with the electricity installation in the Main Building, which also impacted the life security systems.  The report was based on a TÜV report of 2018 and an ECB project report of 2022. The project was started in 2018 to remedy…
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14. December 2023 0

Blowing the whistle against ECB´s wage moderation stance

We reproduce below a message that was circulated by IPSO to all ECB staff on 7 of March 2023 ECB´s wage moderation stance is causing serious prejudice to European workers without being economically founded. The latest analysis provided by Reuters is one among many other pieces of evidence indicating a change of approach is needed.…
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12. March 2023 0

IPSO Seminar with Michael Kosinski

On 22 June 2021, during a Webinar organised by IPSO, The Trade Union of the European Central Bank, Professor Michael Kosinski, who has become internationally recognised for his innovative approach in the fields of Computational Social Science, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, presented and discussed with ECB staff members his views and insights into the use of big…
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24. June 2021 0

The mandate of the ECB and the role of central banks after Covid-19 – IPSOpinion with Adam Tooze

Adam Tooze, Professor at Columbia University, spoke on 28 October 2021 about the role of central banks after Covid-19, also contributing to the ongoing debate about the mandate of the ECB. Adam Tooze holds a chair of History at Columbia University and acts as Director of the European Institute. He published several books on economic history,…
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30. October 2020 0

Has Regulatory Reform since 2008 made the Financial System safe? Why not? – IPSOnomics with Martin Hellwig

In this Webinar on 15 September 2020 Prof. Dr. (em) Martin Hellwig shared his analysis on the outcomes of regulatory reforms since 2008 and why he believes, that they didn’t made the Financial System not really safe. In view of the current crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic he shed light on the latest developments…
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17. September 2020 0

Outcome of Mario Draghi´s End of Mandate survey

ECB Staff Trade Union IPSO has made a survey among ECB staff asking them to assess the Performance of Mario Draghi as a President of the ECB. We are sharing the main findings below. Journalists are invited to contact us if they need more details. Mario Draghi is assessed to have been a very good…
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24. October 2019 0
Constantin Costa-Gavras ipsomovie night 2019

IPSO Screens German Film Première of “Adults in the Room” by Costa-Gavras in the ECB

World renowned Film Director Costa-Gavras came in person to present his latest movie at the European Central Bank. Scenario based on Yanis Varoufakis political memoirs. Story depicts attempts of the newly elected Greek Government to renegotiate the bailout conditions imposed by the Eurogroup and European Institutions in 2015. Future ECB President Christine Lagarde said to…
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11. October 2019 0

Open letter to the future ECB president

Tension is increasing at the ECB. A letter from the ECB staff Union IPSO to Mario Draghi’s successor Opaque working contracts, temporary workers, burnout, outsourcing, little or no staff involvement – nobody assumes such grievances in one of the leading institutions in Europe, the European Central Bank (ECB) whose headquarters are in Frankfurt am Main.…
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14. September 2019 0

IPSO supports ECB staff access to justice

IPSO has paid the pension reform legal costs IPSO has just paid ca 60,000 EUR of legal fees charged by the ECB on its own staff seeking redress for the unfair pension cut of 2009. 10 years after the reform, the ECB has invoiced its own staff a total amount of 138,000 EUR, reduced by…
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13. September 2019 0

IPSOpinion: Quinn Slobodian speaking

Quinn Slobodian is a historian of modern German and international history with a focus on North-South politics, social movements, and the intellectual history of neoliberalism. He is the author of Globalists: The End of Empire and the Birth of Neoliberalism (Harvard University Press, 2018). Professor of History at Wellesley University, he also regularly publishes articles…
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28. June 2019 0